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EndNote Library Guide

Editing References

Editing a Reference

While importing a reference is generally more accurate than manually adding one, not all imported references will be correct. If your EndNote is set on the correct JAMA-UCF-COM output style, but your citation is not displaying correctly, check your reference for one of the common editing issues covered below or contact your Personal Librarian for further assistance.



Time stamps: Fix a corporate author's name: 2:15. Correct capitalization for abbreviations: 2:48.


EndNote Reference Editing: Tips & Tricks

JAMA Style Resources

Reference Fields

  • Multiple Authors: Multiple authors must be added ONE author per line.
    Smith, J T (A space is required between two initials to render names properly in JAMA style)
    Jane Jones (EndNote will render a full name [entered: First Last] in the correct JAMA style)
  • Organization as Author: Organization & corporate names in the Author Field must end with a comma "," so EndNote knows that it is an organization. Otherwise EndNote will treat the organization's name like the full author's name discussed above.
    YES: Centers for Disease Control, >> Centers for Disease Control
    NO: Centers for Disease Control >> Control, CFD
  • Title: JAMA style requires citation titles to be entered in Sentence Case. In Sentence Case only the first word of a title, proper names or acronyms, and the first word after a colon or semi-colon should be capitalized.
    Sentence Case Title: Citation formatting examples in EndNote
  • Year vs. Date: In EndNote the YEAR field is Required; other date fields may be optional
    YEAR Field: Publication Year (If Publication Year is unknown, use ACCESS DATE Year)
    DATE Field: Month & Day published (Not Required)
    ACCESS DATE Field: Month/Day/Year accessed online (Not Required unless YEAR Field is unknown)
  • Spacing: EndNote is particular about extra spaces & lines in any Field. If your citation is not rendering correctly, or if you are seeing odd spacing in your citations, double-check that there are no extra spaces in one of the Fields.
    Extra Line in Author Field:

    Smith, J T
    (extra line)
    Jane Jones

    Incorrect Formatting

    Smith JT,
    Jones J. Citation formatting examples in EndNote. ...etc.

    Extra Line Removed:

    Smith, J T
    Jane Jones

    Corrected Formatting

    Smith JT, Jones J. Citation formatting examples in EndNote. ...etc.