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UpToDate: Accessing UpToDate

UpToDate Access Options

There are four ways for eligible users to access UpToDate


1. Access via the UpToDate App (Use this option to access UpToDate Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device!)

To access and use the UpToDate App off-campus, eligible users must create an UpToDate account affiliated with the Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library.  This means the eligible user must access UpToDate via the library's website, log in with their NID and password, or be on the College of Medicine campus and connected to the network to create the account.  For help creating an account, follow the instructions in the Getting Started tab. 

Once you have created the account, download the UpToDate app, which is free for Apple and Android mobile devices. Downloads are available on the UpToDate Mobile Access webpage.

*Users can have up to 2 computers or devices linked to their account.  You will be required to renew your account every 90 days.


2. Access UpToDate off campus

Eligible users can access UpToDate outside the College of Medicine campus on their personal computer or laptop by logging in with a valid NID and password through the Health Sciences Library's off-campus login. Once the user has logged in, UpToDate can be accessed on the library's homepage or from the Online Databases under "U" or type UpToDate in the search box.


3. Access from a personal device connected to the College of Medicine's network

UpToDate is accessible on personal devices (laptop, mobile phone, tablet) connected to the College of Medicine campus network. To connect to the network, users must be physically on the College of Medicine campus or log in through Health Sciences Library's off-campus login using their NID and password.  Do not use VPN.  It will not work.


4. Access from the Health Sciences Library public computer stations

The Health Sciences Library has six public workstations where UpToDate can be accessed through the library database page.


PLEASE NOTE: UpToDate requires all users to authenticate their account once every 90 days to maintain remote access. Re-authentication can be done by logging into your UpToDate account from a device within the College of Medicine campus or by logging in to UpToDate from the library's website with your NID and password. The account will automatically be renewed when the user has successfully logged in. 


For further assistance with UpToDate, please contact the Health Sciences Library at


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