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BMS 6015 Practice of Medicine 1: Clinical Questions & Resources Activity (CQRA)

Clinical Question Types

Clinical Question Types & Resources

Information on how to build a Clinical PICO(TT) Question and recommended Resources for answering different types of Clinical Questions are available below.

Please select an option from the dropdown menu to see the recommended Resources for Question creation and Question type, or scroll down the page to see the various options.


Building a Clinical Question

Building a Clinical Question
Resources for PICO(TT) question creation

Basic Medical Information

Basic Medical Information
Resources for general Medical knowledge
(Background questions)


Diagnostic Information
Resources for Diagnostic Tools, Diagnosis, and Differential Diagnosis
(Background & Foreground questions)


Drug Information
Resources for Drugs, Drug Interactions, and Drug Comparison
(Background & Foreground questions)


Epidemiology Information
Resources for Disease incidence, patterns, causes, and effects
(Background & Foreground questions)


Medical Research Information
Resources for finding Medical Research and Studies
(Foreground questions)

Treatment & Therapy

Treatment & Therapy Information
Resources for Treatment & Therapy options and Comparisons
(Background & Foreground questions)

Unusual Presentations

Unusual Presentation Information
Resources for Unusual Presentation of Diseases, Symptoms, etc.
(Foreground & Background questions)

Resources as Apps

Resources as Apps
Commonly used CQRA Resources available as mobile Apps